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Sabja Seeds nature’s all rounder to keep your body healthy

By Richmillet Nagaragu, in Flax Seeds

If you suffer from infrequent mood swings, migraines, constant mental distraught and fatigue, both mental and physical, then the answer lies in the calming effect of these black seeds called the Sweet Basil Seeds or the Sabja Seeds. In the case of severe debilitating degenerative diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s then the anti-inflammatory properties of these tiny seeds help in reducing the pain and swelling of arthritis and its antioxidant properties stunts the advent of Alzheimer’s. In fact to fortify your body and to improve immunity then Sabja Seeds enrich you with flavonoids, vicenin, orientin, and beta carotene. You can also count the benefits of Sabja Seeds in the following. 

Want to know the benefits of magic seeds?


The formation of plaque in arteries is controlled effectively. Its antibacterial property treats small gashes and cuts thus stopping the spread of infections of the wound. At the time of childbirth Sabja Seeds if taken soaked in cold water and a little honey, then it hugely reduces the labour pain. Many patients with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) or bladder infection may include Sabja Seeds into their regular diet. Worried about cholesterol? Switch to Sabja Seeds. Irritable skin ailments like Eczema, Psoriasis, etc. respond well to Sabja Seeds oil which is prepared by crushing the seeds and heating in coconut oil.


 The upset stomach will disappear if a glassful of milk is taken with Sabja Seeds. Remember to always soak the seeds overnight in plain water for them to swell 30 times their size. From the look, they are similar to frog eggs and are spongy in structure. Also called Tukmaria seeds, they are nature’s allrounder treating and preventing symptoms of a variety of illnesses from Diabetes, to Cancer, to Obesity.





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