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Jowar - Jonnalu

Jowar Health Benefits

By Pavani Myana, in Jowar - Jonnalu,

Image result for images sorghumSorghum Health benefits:

Jowar is also known as the White Millet. It is a cereal grain popularly called as sorghum. It contains 70 percent carbohydrates,12 percent protein along with 3 percent fat and low vitamin content and is economical, has excellent nutritive value. The high concentration of fiber helps lower the risk of obesity and elevated blood cholesterol. The fiber keeps the stomach full and thus aid in avoiding extra calories. The high fiber content in jowar reduces digestive problems and improves the health of digestive system. The white millets are gluten-free and cholesterol free rich source of nutrients.

Sorghum is the name used for an entire genus of grasses which are native to subtropics and tropics all around the world. There are more than 30 different types of sorghum only one is cultivated for humans while the others are mostly used as fodder for animals.

Heath Benefits of Jowar :

Bone Health:

Your calcium levels will be properly maintained as magnesium increases calcium absorption in the body Magnesium is found in high quantities in sorghum which means that these two minerals are also integral to the development of the bone tissue and speeds up the healing of damaged or aging bones. This will help to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis therefore keeping you active and healthy well into your old age.

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Digestive Health:

For the dietary fiber sorghum is one of the best food. 12 gms of fiber that is 485 of dietary fiber, contains in one serving of sorghum. Healthy foods contain some amount of dietary fiber which dramatically improves the digestive system. That means in your digestive tract food moving along rapidly preventing things like cramping, bloating, excess gas and diarrhea. Further, excess amount of fiber in the body helps to scrape off dangerous cholesterol which helps to improve heart health.

Cancer prevention:

The anti-oxidants helps to a reduce chance of developing many types of cancer including esophageal cancer when you compare with those people who eat regular wheat or corn than sorghum. The top layer or bran layer of sorghum contains very important anti-oxidants which are not found in many different types of food.

Diabetes Control:

The outer layer of the sorghum contain enzymes that helps in the absorption of starch by the body which will helps to keeps the sugar level normal in body. Extra carbohydrates we eat break down in the body and increase the sugar level in the body caused diabetes or causing chaos for those people who already suffer with diabetes.

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Circulation and red blood cell development:

Copper and iron are found abundantly in sorghum like calcium and magnesium copper also help in the absorption of iron in the blood which will helps to prevent anemia and other iron deficiency and also increases the growth of hair in addition to boost your energy level. One serving of sorghum contains 58% of daily recommended copper.

Jowar is called as  Jonnalu జొన్నలు (Telugu),  Jowar ज्वार (Hindi),  Jwari  ज्वारी  (Marathi),  cholam சோளம்  (Tamil), Jola ಜೋಳ  (Kannada), Sorghum(English) 


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