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Benefits of Millets Lunch Box

Millets are the ancient grains mainly grown as Cereal crop or Fodders earlier have found a beam of light in this Modern age Foxtail millets are one such variety of millet, we call it Korralu in Telugu. These millets are accessible as rice, semolina (like rava) or as flour. Similarly, as with different millets, foxtail millet is rich in Carbohydrates and shrewd starches, the kind which doesn't let the sugar levels quickly. It is rich in dietary fiber and contains minerals like iron and copper. Because of this, it diminishes the levels of awful cholesterol and keeps our body solid, amazing benefits of Foxtail millets.

Foxtail Millet Healthy Recipes:

By using this Foxtail Millet we can cook varieties of Food items for Breakfast, Lunch, Cookies, Snacks and so on. Some of the Recipes are described below. We can easily replace millets with rice and wheat.

Foxtail Millet Paruppu Adai (crepes)

Adai or the lentil crepes are entirely acclaimed in South India and is made utilizing various healthy millets. Here, we have replaced the rice with foxtail millets and prepare the crepe, and furthermore to make it significantly more advantageous by including the cleaved spinach on the crepe.

Foxtail Millet Crepes with Spinach It can be for a Healthy breakfast/Lunch along with Coconut chutney and Tomato Chutney.

Foxtail Millet Tomato Rice

It is also one of the best Healthy Millet recipes. Use foxtail millet as alternative healthy food to
Rice. It is more beneficial when compared to Rice and Wheat Food items.

Jowar Paniyaram

 Paniyaram is the one of the tasty and delightful food items for healthy lunch box or breakfast. It can be served with tomato chutney and any other pickle. As it is made with Jowar millet has high fiber minerals and proteins which keeps our body Healthy.

Millet Fried Rice

Millet fried Rice is one of the Classic Asian Flavored fried rice. You can use Foxtail Millet because it has high fiber and it can control the Blood Pressure and sugar levels and keep our body solid.

Ragi Roti:

Ragi millet is one of the ancient millet. Our ancestors used to prepare so many verities of dishes by using this millet. This millet is the daily food for our ancients. Ragi roti is one of the best homemade varieties for Lunch. This recipe contains potato and methi or dill leaves or flavor and nutrition. Ragi roti has rich fiber and minerals. This keeps our body fit. The leaves which are used in this recipe are useful for good digestion, Menstrual and respiratory disorders etc.

Use millets as regular diet, it has many minerals and proteins these help us to keep our body strong, active and Healthy. We offer Best Quality Millets Online.



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