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Foxtail Millet: Millet or Medicine?

By Richmillet Nagaraju , in Foxtail Millet

The other day I was googling through the internet pages when I came across this unusual herbological (not coming from any Hogwarts Herbology book but yes, magical I must say) fact about Foxtail Millet. But let me first brief you about the basics of Foxtail Millet.

Known as Tinai in most Indian parts, Foxtail Millet is a warm climate, perennial grass! You didn’t know this right? It has hundreds of names by which it is known all over the world. I will not go into the detailed nomenclature of Foxtail Millet but here I want to give you its Ancient Vedic name. It was mentioned as Shyamaka in the Vedas. Guess this has something to do with its color. Shyamaka is the other name of Lord Krishna. The name actually hints at Krishna’s dark complexion. Among all Millets, Foxtail Millet has a color ranging from pale yellow to orange, red to brown or black. It is the existence of this slightly blackish hue in Foxtail Millet that explains such a name.

Now coming back to it’s healing power, it is said that this Millet cures digestive complications- it’s benefits are especially directed to spleen and stomach. In the medical branch of Homeopathy as per the encyclopaedia of Materia Medica, Foxtail Millet occupies a prominent place. The startling benefits of this ovoid shaped grain listed in it are as follows-
Maintains blood sugar levels. Reduces factors of Diabetes.
Antioxidant property removes acidic elements from body.
Regulates cholesterol.
Triggers digestive system to work efficiently.
Reduces stomach ache resulting from any cause.
Vitamin B6 helps better functioning of nervous system.
Anorexic patients benefit from its herbal preparation.
Minimizes risk of heart attacks by repairing damaged arterial walls and coronary blockages.
Combats against heart diseases.
Enhances spleen function and keeps it healthy.  

Basically most of our lifestyle diseases have been discussed in the above list. If you want me to count for you the name of diseases then here they are in alphabetical order:
Abdominal Diseases (most of them)
Anorexia, (yes, it's connected to stomach and your brain)
Cardiac Arrests,
Digestive Disorders,
Heart Diseases,
High Cholesterol,
Spleen Diseases, etc.

Foxtail Millet is known to be used in Homeopathy as a tonic, purgative, laxative, emollient, emetic, diuretic, astringent, appetizer, aphrodisiac, cooling agent, antioxidant, antidiabetic, alkaline, aperatif, etc.
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