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Little Millet is Not that Little (Samai in Telugu)

By Richmillet Nagaraju , in Little Millet

Little Millet (Samai) is Comparatively smaller in size than the other seven Millets, Little Millet or Kutki in Hindi, is the traditional crop of Karnataka. It is known as Same in Kannada, Samai in Telugu. A reliable cash crop that can be grown in any adverse climatic condition is known for its Millety virtues common and unique to its sister crops.
Are you gluten intolerant? Little Millet is what you are missing in your diet. No more wheat. Just stick to Little Millet.

Benefits of Little Millets (Samai)

 It is a perennial plant that grows upto one meter mostly in the temperate and tropical regions. Apart from India, Little Millet grows in China and Indonesia (The three countries being the origin of Little Millet). Burma, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka are other counties where this Millet is grown commercially. It has a sweet taste which is different from other Millets. The various nutrients that it contains are- Carboxylic Acid, Cinnamic Acid, Flavonoids, Magnesium, Protein, Tannins, and Zinc. If you are suffering from acid reflux, ascites, constipation, dysentery, indigestion, etc. temporary health conditions then Little Millets medicinal properties offer you a dependable cure. It also is used in treating chronic ailments like Diabetes, Gonorrhea, Obesity. It has the alexeteric (for any kind of poisonous reactions or infections), alkaline (neutralizes acidity), antioxidant (the nascent oxygen produced in body due to our lifestyle, wrong diet and exposure to radiations is removed), astringent (to tighten up or tone up the weak saggy tissues) digestive (enhancing, toning and cleansing the digestive tracts to work better), emollient (used externally to contain mucilage, softening the skin forming a protective film), and stimulant (increases stamina and improves brain functions, positively affecting the central nervous system and the brain) properties.

Basically substituted for wheat and rice in all recipes, Little Millet is cooked slightly differently than normal rice or wheat. It is boiled in water like rice with 1:3 Little Millet and water proportion. Pressure cook the same with 1:2.5 proportion of Millet and water. Make sure you fluff the cooked Millet once it cools down a bit. Do note that Millets, as they are grown, in less water and any soil condition, are pest resistant hence require less or no chemical pesticides. In other words, Millets basically come to you in their organic form only so you are not concerned about any hazardous reaction arising due to pesticides in Millets. The ancient Indian Millet that was grown from our grandparents’ times should not be forgotten so easily, you can purchase Little Millet from Rich Millet. Think of any time and any recipe and you will be pleasantly surprised how most of them can have Millets as one of its ingredients thus making the recipe tastier as well as healthier. Rice and Chapati are easily replaceable we already know that but be it Rasam, Sambar, Veg Curry, Chutney, Side dish, Salad, or let it be soup, dessert, cake, or snacks, anything can have Millets in them yet retain the flavor in addition increase nutrient in them all. Let's pledge to replace at least one of our regular breakfast, lunch, dinner meals with Millet Recipes from today and see how it transforms our lives.

Information Source: http://herbpathy.com/Uses-and-Benefits-of-Little-Millet-Cid4191



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