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Multigrain for Would-be-Mom & Baby

By Richmillet Nagaraju , in Multigrain,

Are you pregnant? Worried about the correct daily diet? Driving yourself mad about food safety? Are you forced to eat foodstuff that you usually hate? As it is, worrying is not going to do you any good in fact it is not advised to take worries seriously during this time. Multigrain Atta as many would suggest, even the health books are teeming with praises for Multigrain blended powder, is one of the nourishing food that is good for you and the growing baby inside you. It is one food that you make your daily diet ingredient and be sorted. Consumed in any form be it a plain chapatti or baked into bread, Multigrain atta is ever wholesome. A variety of grain combo makes this atta a multipurpose food for any pregnant lady. In fact for anyone who considers health their priority, it is THE food. It is not practicable for us to completely let go of wheat so the best alternative is to reduce its consumption. Instead of eating just wheat, it is highly recommended that you replace pure wheat with multigrain. Being indian and with wheat and rice as our staple diet since time immemorial, it is sometimes unthinkable to completely replace our daily roti from our meals. Wheat being a major part of our meals the second best alternative is to use Multigrain atta which not only lets us eat our daily rotis and chapattis but also lets us off the not so healthy reactions that arises out of the consumption of just wheat or atta.

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