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Flax Seeds - Roasted 100 gm

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Flax seeds have many wonderful health benefits it’s hard not to fall in love with these crunchy little seeds.

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Roasted Flax seeds act like natures gum. They contain very high levels of mucilage gum which is amazing for your belly. It helps to keep food in the stomach longer which helps to increase nutrient absorption. The water soluble gum helps to soothe the lining of the belly thus remove toxins and eliminate waste. The rich fiber content and a healthy portion of fats mean you going to get full quick. The healthy fat will also keep you satisfied, so add ground flax powder to your smoothies, some seeds to your salads, flaxseeds to baked goods, you’ll be energized and satisfied for hours.The balancing effect on female hormones suggests it may also be useful as an another option for hormone replacement therapy due to the estrogenic properties. Plus they can also help reduce the chance of osteoporosis. B vitamins, Healthy fats, and a variety of minerals in roasted flax seeds help your hair and skin stay in beautiful condition. A tablespoon or two a day can help to improve acne, reduce redness and flakiness and eczema. Ingredients : Haldi,Amchur,Lemon,Blacksalt

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