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Jowar Rava- Yellow 500gms

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A serving of Jowar Rava contains protein and it is gluten free grain, which is essential and needed for your muscles and other tissues.



Jowar yellow rava (Sorghum) gluten free grain can be added to the diet as a wheat. Consuming sorghum also boosts your nutrient absorption and the grains offer health benefits Jowar yellow rava (Sorghum) has a greater content of calcium when compared to rice and wheat. If calcium is not what you want, it also packed with iron, protein and fiber. Sorghum does not contain gluten. So, in the absence of gluten, it can be eaten by everyone. You can use Sorghum flour to make delicious and different kinds of breads, pizza's and various other bakery items, but with a healthy twist.The benefits of antioxidants are in fairly large amounts. These antioxidants present in Sorghum are polyphenolic compounds which means they have healthy polyphenols.The cooked sorghum contain very high soluble protein. Elasticity and stickiness of sorghum mostly come from the gelatinization of starch when the dough is made in hot or boiling water. Porridge made from the hard endosperm of the grain is less sticky than that prepared from grains with a larger ratio of floury endosperm.

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