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Soya Flour

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Soya Flour is gluten free and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It is Rich source of Iron, B Vitamins and Calcium.



Rich Millet Provides Farm Fresh Soya Flour, a finely ground flour of roasted soya. Like all other Rich Millet products, Soya Flour has many beneficial uses. It reduces heart risks in older people, treats mood swings in menopausal stages in women, it is gluten free hence good for diabetics. Used also as fermented products such as soy sauce, tempeh, natto and miso, Soya Flour is consumed mostly for reducing chances of osteoporosis or brittle bones, retaining healthy cognitive functions in women under 65 years of age.Today the number one protein supplier of the world Soya Flour is not only used by body builders but also by one and sundry. This most inexpensive product from Rich Millet is also used against endometrial and breast cancer.

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